Thailand. I haven’t seen much of the country yet and I actually only ever set foot on Thai land, because it was a cheaper way to get to Cambodia. Nevertheless, I spent way longer in Bangkok than I planned, partly because of my travel mate, partly because I didn’t have a proper realisation of time, partly because I needed to sleep off my jetlag and partly because there are just very many things to do. More about that on the Bangkok page.

As you can see here and as I mentioned at the start, I haven’t seen very much of Thailand. I landed in Bangkok, spent a few days there, took a train to the Cambodian border, came back the same way and then spent a day in Ko Samet and another few in Bangkok before leaving South-East Asia from Bangkok again.

There is no need to tell me that I missed all the beauty of the country. Having not planned to spend any time in Thailand I am quite happy that I got to see at least something, such as beautiful temples, friendly locals, peaceful meditation and delicious street food. Most of it in Bangkok.

Not having been able to see much else, this left me with a rather long bucket list as can be found down the page. For everything in Thailand that I did manage to see, check out the subpages!

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