Bucket list

If my bucketlist was going to be as long as my actual bucket list, I could keep on writing till I die probably. Therefore, I am only going to supply you with a selection of travel-related dreams that I hope to realise in the next few years.

– Volunteer work – wildlife conservation
I had almost, almost subscribed to volunteer for an Elephant project in Sri Lanka this summer, however, being a poor student and thinking rationally, I thought it was too much to spent almost a grand in order to be able to work. Don’t get me wrong, this was the fee I had to pay to do the work, for two weeks only! Thiss included accomodation and food, but still, it came on top of a 700 Euro flight.

Unfortunately, not entirely within my budget. I still have a heart for animals and my dream is to be able to help with wildlife conservation, unfortunately it takes a sack full of money to be able to do so.

If you, however know any small volunteering projects where you can really volunteer, by putting in your effort and not expecting anything in return, but not paying a grand in order to do so, I would love to hear from you. Even if this is not in wildlife, but in teaching or building an orphanage for example. I am absolutely willing to do good!

– Cuba
Now that the United States have started to interfere with this amazing, weird little country full of freedom, I think I need to hurry to see it in its full glory and definetely before the McDonalds is built!

– Canada
I met some Canadians when I was in Australia and they all had one thing in common, they were the most friendly, amazing adventurous people I had ever met. Would love to visit my Canadian friends in their own country, to see how they behave in their natural habitat haha.

This is another trip that I was about to go on, but then didn’t. This had something to do with trying to get an extension to say in Aus, without breaking my second-year visa. The sunny smile and beautiful waters of Fiji are still on my to-go list.

This does not seem like a usual place to go, but that is exactly way I would be so thrilled to go to Israël. It is a beautiful country with potential for its scenery, however the Israël – Palestina conflict has yet to be solved. It would be a very special experience to feel what it feels like to live in an occupied area.

– Serbia
Probably not a likely choice either. However there are two reasons why I want to see the country, the first one being that it is a country underrated for all the still secret beauties that it has to share. Serbia is a diamond, still rough and unexplored.

The second reason is that I met a guy from Serbia that had a great influence on me. If there is one awesome person, their might be more.

– Egypt
Sometimes, I just want to be a regular tourist, visiting regular tourist attractions. Egypt’s pyramids are still one of the world’s biggest mysteries that I would like to be a part of. This could be combined with finding a nice diving spot on the coast.

South America
Basically anywhere in South America would do. Haven’t had the chance to even get the tiniest feel of this continent, but I do think that it would be right for me.

This one was not originally on my list, but I like to read other travel blogs too. Partly because I like to know how other people experiece things, partly to get inspired. Here’s a link to a blog article that really got my attention!

– Belize
Located in Central America, but not one of the most well-known countries there. However perfect for ocean-adventures such as swimming with whale sharks or overall diving. Underwater wonderland!

– Tibet
An area which such a destinguished culture, religion and people, all collected in a beautiful area where you will almost guaranteed find inner rest and perhaps your path in life. It would be an incredible experience to spend a while to learn to be happy with nearly nothing, meditate, relax and experience.

-West Australia
Everybody who knows me, knows that I lost my heart in Aus. This means I’ll need to go back one day to reclaim it. However, being there will give me the opportunity to explore the West-coast, that I haven’t had the chance to see yet. It is supposed to be quiter, but more stunning than the East-coast and the mentality a bit outbacky. I hope to have my motorcycle license then, so I can tour the coast on two wheels. If not, a pick-up truck will do just fine.

No need to explain. Just google Petra-Jordan and let the beauty speak for itself. If the pictures are this magical already, can you only imagine what reality must look like? Yet another wonder of the world.

There you go, this list is pretty long already. Let’s start saving up: work hard, play hard.


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