Germany is one of those countries that is so close, but yet so undiscovered. For me it is. It is like exploring space before exploring deep oceans, which is what is happening now. We, humans, don’t know half about life in the oceans beyond a certain depth, we simply have never tried. It is very possible that we know more about the moon and all of the universe that we are surrounded by, but which is much further away.

Okay, I might be going into this a bit too deep now. The point I was trying to make is that it is less than a three-hour drive for me to get to Germany. Still I have only visited the country three times, always briefly. My visits to Germany are displayed in the map below.

My visits to Germany

1. Movie Park Germany (near Bottrop) – Theme park (no review. Can’t remember enough of this visit. Besides, it is only a theme park. I believe I enjoyed it!)
2. Hambach mine (Niederzier and Elsdorf) – Open pit lignite mine. (no review. I’ve been here for about an hour, it’s just across the border and very study-related).
3. Berlin – Germany’s capital city. Click to read about the city or about my experience.4. Eifel – study trip

Germany has a rich and vibrant although not always very peaceful history which left its marks in the country. There are many war monuments and what used to be concentration camps that I have the intention of visiting in the near future. It seems interesting to see, with all the respect to all the people who fought and gave their lifes there.

Apart from its history, Germany is absolutely underrated for its scenery, consiting of a nice blend of nature, old castles (which is history too, but not the one I was talking about before) and quaint villages. Not to mention its many cultural events throughout the year.

Because of my personal lack of experience travelling Germany, there are not many special, hidden or unknown places that I could possibly recommend.
Berlin is a place that has many faces that are interesting to discover, but it is not really a place you weren’t accidentally going to stumble upon by yourself.

When you get to Berlin however, there are a few things that I would say are absolutely worth visiting when you are in or near Germany’s capital city.
For more info on these, check my page about Berlin or my hitchhiking trip to Berlin.

Bucketlist Germany:

As I mentioned before, Germany is rather underrated. Here is a list of places in Germany that I have never yet visited, but (hopefully) will in my next visits to Germany.

1. Basteibrücke – Saksen

The Basteibridge in Saksen is built into an old sandstone formation with a view on the banks of the river Elbe. There are other viewpoints in the area from which the impressive bridge itself can be seen.You can imagine that to a mining engineering student like me, this is a very interesting place.

2. Oktoberfest – München
I was in Germany during Oktoberfest, however, I was in Berlin than, while the place to be during Oktoberfest is München. Would love to experience a real one.

3. Neuschwanstein Castle
This castle served as inspiration to Walt Disney’s sleeping beauty castle. Doest that not tell you enough?


Medieval renaissance town. All the half-timbered, colourfulhouses (including the oldest house in Germany) will take your breath away.

5. Mittenwald
This village looks like the decor for Milka chocolate. Especially with the right weahter conditions and a piece of choclate made of Alpine choclate, I believe you would feel like you’re in heaven. Unreal!


6. Sebnitz
A rather small town in Eastern Germany, home of this distinctive and colourful house:

The town itself looks like a lovely artistic, though not unique place. However, Sebnitz is right on the border with the Czech Republic, that has some nice natural parks, culture and history so it would be perfect to combine a visit to Sebnitz with a trip to its neighbouring country.




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