Like, share, click, comment

Dear readers, I haven’t been able to write in a while. Why? Well first of all, I was on a holiday, which indicates that I do have a lot to write about. That is actually true, only I haven’t had the time to put my stories up yet. I did have a great time, as a matter of fact it was the first time ever that I’ve been to a country that is colder than my own (three of them actually). Not that the Netherlands is an extreme case of cold weather, I just like my vitamin D. The lack of sunshine resulted into a nasty sickness that lasted for over a week. Not the best time to take out my laptop and write happy stories while having to run to the toilet every ten minutes.

Anyhow, I just deleted two complete paragraphs, because I was drifting off (again). What I did have time for when I was tucked nice and warm in bed, trying to sleep my fever off, was reading facebook. Reading many many useless articles, silly status updates and ridiculous “like and win” contests.

As there were moments where I felt good enough to write a few lines, but not an entire blog posts, I decided that I might as well spend my time being useless on the internet, rather than staring at my ceiling. This is where the facebook contests came in. Like, share, click, comment. Every company has its own way of advertising for their goods by means of online competitions and I never believed in it, but I guess it works for commercial purposes and we all know why. People join because they want to win, and obviously we do. When you see something on the internet that you have slight interest in, but would not buy yourself, you would still try to get it for free if you had the chance.

This is what happened to me while I was in bed sick. My internet scrolling beviour brought me to this:
Yes. That is what you think it is, a colourable world-map on a T-shirt. I’ve had a plan to paint a world-map on my wall for ages. Same priciple as the shirt; colour all the countries you visited. Only problem with a wall-painting is that it is quite hard to take with you on a trip. That is exactly what I told the company “Travel Smart” when they wanted to know why you should win this shirt in exchange for a chance to actually win it. I told them that a shirt was so much easier to take travelling than a wall-painting and that this is important, because the people you meet on the way are important. With a shirt like this, they can sign it and you’ll have a permanent reminder of everybody who made your trip so special, because it would not have been without them.

Being sick and entering a facebook competetion because of boredom taught me that facebook competitions are not always bullshit. Travel Smart agreed with my entry and a week later…
….this is what I found in my mail. Perhaps if you want an item badly enough, your odds of winning it increase. Despite feeling terrible, my day was made and my view on facebook contests has possitively changed. Now it’s time to meet many more new friends in new countries. Where will you sign my shirt?