Shop till you drop

Being a student has its advantages. It means you can get discounts on the cinema, high teas, restaurants; basically all the things that you are not able to afford on a student budget anyway. However, there is a huge downside to being a student too. The main drawback is time. It always seems to fly when there is a deadline coming up or when you just want to sleep a little bit longer, but time ticks away slowly when you are waiting for a party to go to.


I must say, I do not have these moments very often when time when time seems to go slow. Not that I don’t go to any parties, more that during my “waiting time” I am usually quite busy trying to finish other things. One exception to this time-never-seems-to-go-slow-for-me phenomenon is having to wait untill the end of the semester to be able to travel. And yes, we have a week off sometimes during the semester, but spending a week somewhere does not leave the same impression as spending a month or a year in another place, let alone trying to fly to a destination further than three hours away and being able to stay a week only. Nope, summer really is the only period of time that we can actually spend useful, in terms of travelling.

Wanderlust, unfortunately, does not just disappear in the meantime. I read an article that there is an actual gene that causes the desire to travel and can never sit still. With another major trip ahead it is even harder to concentrate on the real world, but luckily there is a cure: shopping!


Shopping?! You may wonder. I used this exact line before, and I might use it ore often: I am not a fashion blogger. I am not a girl that saves up to spend ridiculous amounts of money and can talk about some meaningless vest for 40 mintes in a vlog. I can’t even remember the last time I went casual clothes shopping. Has probably been over a year again, but anyway, how can shopping be a cure then? Well here is a small selection of what I bought in the past few weeks:

My shoppings include a map, travel guide, teva sandals, canvas hiking shoes (tropic-proof) and a spork. This is called living towards your dream-trip. Even getting vaccinated for overseas-areas can be fun this way! (Okay, I’m weird, but you get the idea right?)

Overall, I hate spending money, but today I felt so happy after leaving the outdoor store I had just visited, complete with two filled shoeboxes. There were so many other other items that I would have bought if I hadn’t found the strength to retain myself. It is better to collect your stuff slowly, suitable for the trip you’re going to make and think and revise before you decide. Maps and travel guides obviously differ for each area, but clothes and moreover shoes are quite an important purchase. They may cost a few bucks, but I have learned over time that buying strong, decent shoes and clothing is absolutely worth the investment. The beauty of that is that quality-gear lasts long and you can just use it for your next trip, meaning that, when you don’t have to spend any money on shoes next time, you might be able to buy that long-wished scuba-diving watch. This is how your collection starts. And what you don’t have yet, you can possibly borrow. No need to go all geared up, just the basics are fine. Whether your a wandering student or a backpacker, our priortes are the same. Travel light and travel cheap, as we don’t have the funds to do anything else.