Nice to meet you

Going places, experiencing cultures, meeting people. All awesome, all exciting. I’m still human though, not a walking, talking, travelling robot with an objective view on things. My view will shadow through all the pages and posts, but as wordpress is meant for actual blogging I thought I should add one page that is a little more personal than all the others. One that I can personally spam full of bullcrap, non-travel-related-adventures, thoughts, disappointments, surprises, reviews, excitement, opinions, recipes and whatever else I feel I could possibly share with the world.

For a first post a little profile might be appropriate, so you know whose words you’re reading.


Name: Kirsten
Age: 20
Occupation: Student Mining Engineering, part-time homework tutor, blogger, full-time weird lady
Likes to: travel, read, write, hang out with awesome people, play guitar, sports
Lives: in the Netherlands
Best place to have been so far: Outback Australia
High up on the to-go list: South-America
Afraid of: Spiders, jellyfish (says a girl who would happily chop a snake in halves).
Dietry requirements: Veggie
Strange habits: there’s a whole list I can put up here, but a tendency to try to eat all types of food before they’re cooked is definetely one of them.
A small selection of life goals: Motorcycle license, go bungeejumping, skydive certificate, colour all the fields on the map, get my degree, move to Australia, volunteer work.
Motto: Freedom, follow your dreams and most of all, don’t let anyone ever stop you to do whatever the hell you want to do.
If you were to be a kitchen device, which one would it be: Blender, obviously. Being continously shaken, twisted and blended ought to be an excuse for pretty much anything, right?

My introduction for now. Any requests? Let me know.